The short fantasy epic ‘A Midwinter Nights Dream’, directed by Martin Gooch was given a private screening at BAFTA Saturday 25th May 2019 as part of the ‘Hole In The Road screening initiative to a packed house.

Executively produced in part by Viewtorch Pictures and co-produced with Gothic Manor and Eddy Out Productions, the film was made as part of the Directors UK and Arri UK Trinity challenge where select directors were charged to direct a short ‘one shot’, one take movie using the Arri  Trinity stabilization system.

Ambitious looking and breathtaking the film captures the true essence of how Viewtorch Pictures will engage audiences as well as highlighting the deeply creative mind of Martin Gooch, directing his fearlessly imaginative short film to open this small window into the magical world beyond the shadows.

Considering the fact that the whole film takes place in one shot or one take it goes to show that it is possible to bring a hugely different world to the screen outside of the normal confines of ‘one take’ filmmaking.

A Midwinter Nights Dream has been submitted for a number of festivals of the coming year and we will bring news of where it can be seen as soon as possible.

Paul Craig, company director of Viewtorch is currently in advance discussions to obtain the rights for the thriller script ‘Crosshairs’. The script which is written by Gary Young who wrote the 2009 hit ‘Harry Brown’ starring Michael Caine. Gary has also completed his directorial debut this year with another thriller ‘Two Graves’ starring David Johns, Cathy Tyson, and David Hayman.

In a recent statement, Paul Craig was quoted as saying that he is very excited about the prospect of bringing this punchy and gritty thriller to the big screen and looks forward to closely working with Gary.

More details to follow.

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Viewtorch Pictures are now in the closing stages of development for their first feature film as well as opening stages of brand development for future outlets and titles.

After what can only be described as a challenging 2-year start-up period for the company, Viewtorch Pictures are closing in on moving their first feature films, the titles of which are yet to be revealed, from development into pre-production.

Company director and main producer of Viewtorch Pictures Paul Craig has said about this projects “this is an exciting time especially considering the challenges ahead but we will do our best to stick to our original brief which is to excite and engage”.

“There are many things to do but once we find a few more key elements it will all slot together “.

Look out for more news on this exciting projects.

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Again we are organizing the branding and graphical content for our “Coming Soon” and near future output as new projects come on board. Please bear with the current lack of content during this period of brand building.

Thank you

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The Paul Craig produced short film written and directed by Daniel Gentely ‘Another Secret is now available to watch and enjoy on line via Vimeo. Produced in May 2011 it tells the story of a not so typical Friday night in a North London Jewish household and a secret that will test the bounds of family, love and tolerance.

Produced for Skull Cap Films ‘Another Secret’ takes on board the subjects of challenges to tradition in the face of a changing modern world. Watch via the Vimeo screen above or click the following link. Another Secret on Vimeo

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Hello and again, welcome.

You will hear me use the word welcome quite a lot because that is exactly how I want you to feel when you visit our website, talk to me directly or watch one of our movies or shows.

Although our job at times will be to put you on the edge of your seat we want you to know you are in safe hands when we do so.

For me personally it has been a long road deciding how to entertain everyone and I think I am very close to the vision I have in mind.

First let me point out that this news page will not only have news about our own projects and work but will also feature news from related and interesting sectors of the entertainment industry. Hopefully you will find it useful. As more development and production work is completed on any of our movies, television and web based entertainment you will be the first to know.

This is a very exciting journey for me and I hope I can share my excitement with you too.

Please feel free to contact me via Email, Twitter or Facebook, tell us what you think and I look forward to engaging with you all real soon.

For now, take care.

Paul Craig

Company Director and Producer – Viewtorch Pictures